Monday, May 12, 2014

Rep. John Conyers Is Going Away

Seems after all these years of being an anti-gun legislator, he forgot that the rules for running for office still apply.
Authorities say Conyers was 400 signatures short of having enough to qualify to run for re-election. Many of the signatures were thrown out because some of his signature-gatherers were not registered to vote in Michigan as required by law.
Guess all the corpses in Detroit will have to find someone else to vote for this season.

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Michael said...

Rep. McCotter from Michigan had a similar problem in 2012 when he didn't make the primary ballot because his staffers bumbled the signature collection.

Amiable Dorsai said...

This probably won't stand; the Supreme Court ruled that signature gatherers don't have to be registered voters in Buckley v. American Constitutional Law Foundation.

Good for a giggle, though.