Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wait, I Thought This Wasn't Illegal

If you've ever heard the PuSH'er meme about the 'Iron Pipeline', they make it sound like there are no laws governing the transport of firearms across state lines. There are, they just aren't being enforced.  Here's one of the cases where they are:
Last September a federal jury convicted Lewisbey, of South Holland, of buying hundreds of high-powered firearms at gun shows in Indiana and illegally transporting them to Chicago to sell them without a license.
So while he didn't have a criminal record, he wasn't a 'good boy'.  He knowingly sold to gangbangers on the streets, breaking countless federal, state, and local laws.  No 'background checks' would have stopped him. He didn't care about 'loopholes' or anything else.  He found a way to skirt the law and took advantage of it.

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Archer said...

And more importantly to the discussion, he was convicted by a federal jury, which is all we can expect from a law that makes things ... well ... illegal.

In short, we don't need a new law to "fix" stuff like this. The existing law did just fine.

The PuSH'ers will never admit that, though.

Sigivald said...

Yeah, turns out it ain't legal to do is "be in the business of selling firearms*" without a Federal Firearms License, even if you aren't selling to people you know are criminals.

(* And for once, you know, the Commerce Clause really applies. That is interstate trade, in this context.)

Anonymous said...

Ya know, there aren't any good reasons for all those things to be illegal. Without an over-reaching government, we would just call all that "commerce".

The laws themselves that make it impossible for a criminal to legally buy a gun are what makes it so profitable for people to supply them illegally. Profits are the free market shouting, "GO HERE".