Friday, May 16, 2014

That 'War on Women' Meme Again

So 'Mother Jones' puts up an article claiming that 'extremist' firearm owners are a bunch of misogynistic knuckle-draggers who hate women and any civilized society.  Mostly claims of assaults that have no evidence besides innuendo, false attacks, and projection. One of the funnier bits are the claims that 'extremists' are posting names and addresses of (only the) women who are calling police on Open Carry protests.  The rub is it's only their claim we have to go on and the FACT that MDA supporters were openly advocating 'SWAT-ting' carry activists.

Last night, MDA-IL posted a link to this article on the ISRA FB page.  Several comments were made regarding actual and documented threats made by MDA members along w/ noting that MDA-IL was allowed to comment there whereas any opposition was deleted and banned on MDA pages.  Shortly after, they deleted their comment from the page. 

The NRA AM had between 15,000 and 20,000 women show up, many w/ children in tow.  Shannon Watts had to pay for about 100 people for her demonstration, and this in her own hometown. 

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