Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mom's Demand Action Lie To Ban Guns

Remember that whole 'Jack-in-the-Box' debacle a few days ago where it was claimed 'employees hid in the freezer' while gun nuts rampaged through the store but photos showed people just calmly going about their business?  That meme (sans the photos of course) spread across the internet to 'prove' just how dangerous gun owners are.

Turns out it was complete and utter BS, just like people who read past the headlines said:

From another article, it wasn't even a store employee that called but 'someone who saw the protesters walking to the restaurant'.  Likely a SWAT'tting.

JITB responded to the lie exactly how Shannon Watts wanted them to, by giving a vague statement allegedly banning guns.

The only way 'gun control' can succeed is through deception, lies, and threats. 

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Rob Crawford said...

So, um...

Why did so many gun people buy the "freak out" story?

Old Jarhead said...

@ Rob Crawford. Probably, not that many did. But the "gun people" tend to wait for facts. Something that was glaringly absent from many of the shrill histrionics of the banaholics. It seems to me that with this story, like most put out by the banaholics, just sitting back and watching them implode on the lies they put out is just entertainment. These fools have no power, just emotional lies with which to try to get their way.