Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mom's Demand Lovin' Claim Another Fake 'Victory'

Hey, did you know that a contract running out on a pro-gun billboard and it coming down is in reality the result of the 'mommies'? 
However a real lady, Emily Miller, found out that, as usual, they're FOS:

The truth is that the manufacturer contracted for the billboard to stay up for only two months.
A publicist for Mothers Demand Action emailed me Tuesday saying, “The controversial billboard from rifle company Slide Fire (that you’ve written about before) came down Tuesday following a campaign from Chicago members of Moms Demand Action.”...

Slide Fire sent me the contracts with Lamar Advertising. The first document, signed in October, was to put up the 14-by-18-foot billboard for four weeks. A second contract extended the $3,500 space in Chicago for four more weeks, until March 9.
That is why the mothers group is seeing the blank space.
Mr. Nichols added that, “The response to our advertisement has been overwhelmingly positive and we are currently working with Lamar to arrange for more advertising opportunities.”
But they'll repeat this 'win' over and over no matter how many times they're fact-checked because at their core, they know they don't have any other option but to lie. 

h/t to ISRA

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John Hardin said...

Here's hoping the billboard goes back up in a couple of weeks.