Thursday, March 20, 2014

.@GunVictimsAct 's Elliot Fineman is a Bully and a Coward

That's what they called the ISRA's ED Richard Pearson for not giving them the time of day on their radio program. Now the ISRA has about as many actual, dues paying members as the NGAC has 'likes' that they bought through their FB page. 

They then posted a link on the ISRA's FB page to try and get some attention, desperately needed by what is effectively a non-entity filled w/ C and D list anti-gunnner names.

So I challenge the real cowards at the NGAC.  Unban all the countless pro-rights activists who have not made any threats against you so we can discuss things.  That's what you want, right? 

I await your response.

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Anonymous said...

Looked at link to gun victims action org blog and got a malware warning.

Robert Fowler said...

So far I haven't been banned. Time will tell. I've already been banned by CSGV and the demanding mommies.