Friday, March 21, 2014

.@GunVictimsAct Doubles Down on the Stupid

What happens when a no-account anti-gun group gets ignored by people who actually have some effect on legislation/litigation? 

They just start making stuff up to try and get a rise...

Outside of the general stupidity, note that last line:
"ISRA IS financially linked to gun makers."
Heh. This is one of those cases where they will dodge and weave to change the subject when they're asked to prove this.  Why?  Because they're liars. When the facts don't fit their worldview, they make them up. As one of their supporters put it  "And my opinions to me is a fact".

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1 comment:

Sigivald said...

"Linked" is a great word, because it means nothing much.

If two people who work at different gun makers at any level donate a dollar each to ISRA, it is "linked to gun makers".

It just doesn't mean anything.

(As far as I know, ISRA's PAC got no donations at all from anyone, at least not that OpenSecrets knows about...)