Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loaded Wording & 'Non-Binding' Referendums

Unsurprisingly, Chicago loaded their ballots w/ 'advisory' referendums that hold no legal weight but can be used as propaganda points as the various politico's push their agenda.

Also unsurprisingly, the 'referendums' used as much loaded terminology as they could to get the desired results. 

Ban Guns in Pubs
 "Should Illinois amend the Firearm Concealed CarryAct to ban the possession of a concealed firearm in any establishment licensed to serve alcohol?"
'Guns in Pubs'?  You mean bars that receive the majority of their business (iow 50%+) from the sales of alcohol?  Already illegal as per the FCCA. What they want to do is ban them in ANY establishment that serves ANY alcohol whatsoever.  IOW pretty much every restaurant. 

Of course, w/ that wording, the referendum passed 73-27.

The next one:
Ban Large Gun Clips  
"Should the State of Illinois pass legislation banning high capacity magazines with more than 15 rounds?"

'Large Gun Clips'.  'High Capacity magazines'.  No meme's there at all, no-siree.  Again. 76-24.  Hell, they could have put Durbin's one round limit there w/ the same wording and gotten the same results.

This is the reason the pro-rights side pushed so hard to determine at least handgun laws could only go through the state legislature and not the anti-gun fanatics running the City of Chicago and C(r)ook Cnty.   The ONLY thing these 'advisory referendums are going to be used for is to add to the 'ban guns' drum beat we hear every year from their ilk.  "Oh look at this, all these people want to ban X.  See, we have support".  But when it comes down to doing anything real, like even joining an anti-gun group, these 'votes' (multiple times by my dead grandma) are nothing more than farts in the wind.

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Chase said...

So, prohibit guns in all restaurants, and ban anything larger than a Glock 19. Got it. Chicago douchebags.