Monday, March 17, 2014


More on the 'guns as American as apple pie/baseball' sign kerfluffle.  The Evanston Patch put up an online poll w/ this question:
Should the billboard company bow to pressure and remove the guns, apple pie and baseball message?

and the choices:
No, it's a First Amendment issue and should remain.

Yes, the message is offensive to neighborhoods where gun violence is rampant and that trumps the First Amendment.
Now when I first saw it, it was 81% No to 19% Yes.  Shortly after, it was linked to by a few pro-rights group and the percentages changed.  Within a few hours, it went to 86% No to 14% yes w/ a hair under 4K votes. 

Now to me, this shows two things.  As much as Mom's Demand Lovin' claim they have the public's pulse, the only time polls go in their favor are when they're done inhouse.  Reality and 'polls' show support for pro-rights groups running 5 or 10 to 1 in favor.

The other is the percentage of people that believe their personal biases/feelings trump Constitutional rights, unless of course it's THEIR rights being infringed upon. Think about that.  All those people that think Freedom of Speech, the Press, Warrants, what have you are dependent upon feelings.

Whether you like guns or not (and I'm thinking most of my readers do), that so many people believe that concept should frighten the crap out of you.  

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