Wednesday, February 5, 2014

4thpower A v 3rdpower: Rnd 3 (Ceasefire Collapse)

Decided to try the boy out on a GEV scenario, a nice simple game of 'Ceasefire Collapse'.  A straight slugfest between two equal forces. In this case, just a small game w/ 10 armor units and 10pts of infantry to give him the idea.  I spent about a half hour explaining the more advance rules such as terrain and stacking.  We left out the more difficult options like overrun and spillover fire for a future game. 

Using the classic 'G1' map, pieces were picked and placed w/ the box between us, blocking the view.  This is how it turned out (Him black, me burgundy):
My forces consisted of 2 GEV-PC's (carrying 3 inf), 2 Lt GEV's, 2 GEV's, 2 Hvy Tanks, 2 Lt Tanks, a Msl Tank, and a MHwz.  Traditional setup w/ fast movers on the flanks and hvy armor in the center.

His forces were very well placed for a defensive fight w/ a Hwz, 2 Super Hvy's, 1 Hvy Tank, a Lt Tank, 2 Lt GEV's, GEV-PC and a GEV.

First moves, he separated his forces and moved them out of the protection of the Howitzer umbrella allowing me to piecemeal them.  A rush by my right wing fast movers got crushed as they crossed the river though:

After ganging up my armor on his 2nd SuperHvy, I managed to rush down the road and eliminate his Howitzer.. By that point, he'ld taken out most of my GEV's and Infantry. 

Throughout most of the game, he used his infantry in forests and towns giving them a defense bonus. We finished the game and then I explained to him how to improve for next time. We'll likely do a Mk 5 OGRE game or a CC w/ more pieces.

Rnd 1
Rnd 2

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