Thursday, January 23, 2014

4thPower A vs 3rdPower: Rnd 2

Rnd 1 here

The boy was on the defensive this time. He went w/ a howitzer heavy defense (3) and decided to try out some Mobile Howitzers w/ his forces.  He split his infantry up into lots of smaller units. Outside of that he picked 3 GEV,s 2 Hvy Tanks and a Msl Tank. I used a 1 hex Nihon Mk III. Here's the initial placement:

I think he did that because either that's similar to how I placed my units the last time we played or it was just closer to where he was sitting. Unfortunately he placed his Command Post (CP) in the center.  So I did what would be expected and ran up the east side of the map bypassing most of his slower infantry.  

He used his GEV's fairly effectively, sweeping in and out, managing to take out my Main Battery but not before I had destroyed a Hvy, damaged another and taken out his Msl Tank w/ one of my Msl's. 

He focused his Howitzers on my treads to no effect w/ some bad rolls. Then the last Hvy fell to secondaries and a MHwtz to my 2nd Missile. The 2nd MHwtz fell shortly after w/ the Hwtz next.  

He decided to keep playing.  By the time I escaped off the board, the GEV's had fallen to ramming due to movement miscalculations. All of my weapons were gone (excluding AP guns) and had full movement left.  Two lone squads of Infantry remained to explain what happened to Division HQ. 

Following the game, I gave him some more advice.  Some better placement concepts for his CP, concentration of forces, more effective use of OGRE weapons and not jogging backwards when the goal is to destroy the CP. Next time we're going to up it to a Mk V and see how he does.

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Overload in Colorado said...

That's a lot of heavies (50% of armor). Less targets mean the OGRE can concentrate fire more.
I think the key with the mobile Howitzers is to keep them moving backwards every turn to maximize the number of turns they can fire before being in range of the OGRE. I wouldn't have let the OGRE have a missile or Main gun operating by the time it got into MHwtz range.
GEV seem to be a superior unit, to a point. Too many, and they get in each others way. They're specially good when the OGRE is reduced to 2 or less movement.