Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shannon Watts/Ladd Everitt Lie to Attack Women

I don't watch 'The View' but the latest kerfluffle over having a pro-gun person, Dana Loesch, has sent the anti-gun fanatics into a tizzy.  Their latest tactic is to claim she was partially responsible for Sandy Hook because she's a spokesperson for MagPul. But she's not:

Take a look at some of the 'progressive' comments over on the CSGV pages.  Don't bother posting a comment, you'll just get deleted and banned unless you insult and attack firearm owners. Censorship and echo chambers are the only way gun control can survive.  Look at the View comments page for examples. Paid 'Likes' don't equal actual support.

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Chase said...

I'm surprised at how many hostile comments are still up.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Magpul Dynamics the training arm? I.e., they don't manufacture magazines. Ummm... except maybe the ones you read.

Linoge said...

Of course, the truly disgusting thing is that by claiming Loesch is somehow partially responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings, the blithering imbeciles at CSGV (and, of course, their all-too-eager useful idiot parrots) are also claiming that Magpul is partially responsible for the shootings.

Which is pure and utter lunacy.

Unless, of course, they plan on blaming Bud for DUIs... no, scratch that, that is about equally insane.