Monday, February 3, 2014

IL HB 3762: FOID to 18yrs

From Illinois Carry:
Your first witness slip for Feb. 2014!  HB3762 would reduce the FOID eligibility without parental signature from 21 years of age to 18 yrs. of age.  This becomes a real issue when the parent, who must also have a FOID card - if their card is revoked, so is the card of the individual who is under 21.
HB3762 - FOID 18 Years, Reduces FOID eligibility to  18.  Adds a photo exemption for religious reasons.  Scheduled for House Judiciary 2/5/2014
Link to HB3762 witness slip

Instructions for filling out witness slips can be found here.

Also, call/email the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass HB3762 out of committee.

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