Sunday, February 2, 2014

'Encourage' = Strongarm

Chicago Alderthing wants to 'encourage' businesses to post 'Gun Free Zone' signs
"I encourage all business owners to make your business establishments gun-free," Smith wrote. "Our neighborhood and businesses will best prosper when everyone — business owners, customers, and residents alike — feels they can walk the streets and shops of the 43rd Ward safely."...

Earlier this month, the alderman issued a memorandum to businesses in her ward about the new law.
In it, she notes that in addition to it being illegal to carry guns into schools, government buildings and public transportation, it is also illegal to carry guns into any business in which alcohol constitutes at least half of all sales.
This is Chicago so we all know what that 'memorandum' really means.  Don't post the sign?  Don't bother trying to get any permits for your business.  Garbage pickup/snow plowing might be 'delayed'.  Inspectors are going to be paying extra special visits regularly.

It's the Chicago way and the only real point of gov't.

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dustydog said...

I have a friend, he had a small business at the edge of a town in the western part of Virginia. He ignored the mail from the cops requesting donations, because he was in the red.

One night, he got a call at 1 am from the police. Someone had kicked in the door to his business. A police offer had seen the open door, done a security sweep, and was calling to let him know about the incident. The second letter requesting a donation from the police was postmarked the next morning.

He asked around, and apparently the door-kick bandit only targeted small businesses behind on their police donations.