Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mom's Demanding 'Action' To Silence Free Speech

While claiming others are 'ignoring and disrespecting the First Amendment'. 

Case in point would me IL MDA 'spokespersan' Marjorie Fujara who got the same cutnpaste screed in several papers.  In it, she claims the ISRA was 'fear-mongering' by opposing an 'informational meeting' on CCW.  Let's see who was presenting the 'information'

IL State Rep Laura Fine, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and the Cook Cnty SA office.  All of which opposed the passage of CCW in Illinois and have supported countless bans and restrictions on firearms.  Yeah.  There will be some honest 'information' coming from them. 

Then there's this bit:
 Last year, an educational event was held at the Glenview Police Station meant to educate the public on gun violence.  The ISRA had issued a similar alert prior to the event and its loyal members turned out en masse and prohibited the panelists from being able to speak uninterrupted, as they heckled any statement they found disagreeable.  As I looked at those around me, I shrank in my seat, feeling as if I was surrounded by a group of schoolyard bullies.
And her evidence of this?  Besides her own word, a HuffPo article that was so biased even the folks at Democratic Underground didn't believe it.

Her own MDA shuts down any opposing views on their sites, needing their echo chamber to survive.  When they don't have that echo chamber, they cry 'bullies' when they can't respond to the facts. 

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mina smith said...

Glenview meeting from Jan 2013, for your viewing pleasure:

NotClauswitz said...

The totalitarian impulse surfaces *every* time.

BTW "Anthroblogogy" is now NotClauswitz... The old one got ressurrected as a weird spambot thing.