Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mattoon Gun Show AAR

Smallish show w/ about a dozen vendors. The kind of venue I like.  Fairly steady crowd.  The usual slow points and rushes.  Guns weren't selling but ammo and accessories moved.  One table that had reloading tools was near empty by end of the day Sat.

I had several locals come up who read DOOT.  Always feels good when they do that.  Met some guys who run a local CCW class which is the one I will likely do.  More details on that later w/ a post. My sales were a little bit of everything, uniforms, hats, books, toys, mags, what have you.  Shared part of one table w/ a friend who runs 'Big Game Tek', selling his 'Slick Shot' arrow rest. Again, more details on that later. Also met some guys who run a local gun show that had a couple of Cricket rifles.  Thinking of picking some up for the 4thpwers.

Overall a decent weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy John Moses Browning day.   I'll be in Paris at the American Legion hall next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how jealous I am that you actually have gun shows. Since our idiot politicians passed that atrocity legislation last year, and started pulling gun show permits, we have a grand total of one gun show left, that I can find. One of the exhibitors said the reason was that no out of state vendors are willing to risk running afoul of legislation that even the enforcers don't understand. Congrats on getting concealed carry.