Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Like Cockroaches in the Light

So are the mayors of Bloomberg.

A while back, the Joyce Foundation removed their lists of grant money to anti-gun groups when a spotlight was shown how they were bankrolling that lobby almost exclusively. 

Now, via David Codrea's Examiner,  The list of members of Bloomberg's criminal 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' has gone down the memory hole

This is entirely unsurprising and has likely been in the works for awhile.  They used to proudly list the pictures, names and contact info of their members.  That is until the members started getting regularly arrested/convicted of multiple crimes and the names of former (or sometimes even dead) mayors were being used in official documents. The latest update for Illinois didn't include links to the cities and many of the names were inaccurate.

Just like the cockroaches they are, when the light is shown on them, they run and hide.  If they have so much 'grassroots' support for their cause why then are their members regularly receiving bombardments of calls opposing Bloomberg's nanny-state goals?

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