Saturday, August 24, 2013

Us vs Them Part Something

So a national organization funded by left-wing billionaires and using professional activists to push the president's agenda w/ the alleged support of '90%' of the public holds a rally in the state capitol.  10 people show up.

A couple of gun lobby insurrectionists not paid by the NRA put out an email for a townhall in the 'burbs.  About 250 people show up.

And one Anti.  Lee Goodman, an anti-gun fanatic wanting to be a 'big fish' decided to come and hear what Todd Vandermyde had to say.  Todd said 'Hi'

So according to the PuSH'ers, there should have been about 2200 people packing the hall to denounce CCW.  There should be tens of thousands swamping Springfield to counter IGOLD.  Elliot Fineman really should have a membership of about 14 million in the NG(V)AC.

They don't.  Instead they have paid, professional 'activists'/agitators like Petey Hamm and Paul Helmke (who disappear when the money goes away), a core of mouth foamers like Ladd Everitt and a smattering of 'causeheads' and other low-information voters.  The only reason the groups still exist is that they are funded by moguls like Soros, Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation.  

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