Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Two Faces of Chicago

No, I'm not talking about the two faced/fork tongued politicians, but instead the sharp divide in violent crime.  Basically, in Chicago, you either live in a really nice neighborhood w/ little crime or you live in a craphole.  There's few in betweens.  Take a look at this map of homicide changes over the last decade:
 - Change in Chicago's homicide rate, early 90s to late 2000s. The areas in darkest green saw the greatest decline (as much as 80 percent); red means the murder rate increased.
For the most part, the neighborhoods that were dangerous got more dangerous. The ones that were safe, got safer. The NY Times put out an article on totals over the same period. It correlates almost exactly. 

Now take a look at the trend of those who registered firearms following the McDonald case (no longer necessary w/ the new CCW law) Image via John Lott:

So crime doesn't correlate to legal firearm ownership but instead to lower education and poverty levels. 


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The Jack said...

Wait! They're showing increased registration rates as a bad thing!

But they talk about how registration is good, and they say they're all for responsible gun owners that register their guns

My stars! It's like they're lying!

Shawn said...

Apparently Quinn signed a bill that bans private sales in your state. When they hell did this happen? Because I don't remember any bill like that. I though you'd be all over it.

Did they sneak it through?

Thirdpower said...

They threw a bone to the anti's w/ an amendment that said people 'should' call for a background check on sales and tells the ISP to set up a system but didn't allocate any money to it nor are there any penalties for not doing so.

Then the ICHV could go and claim some sort of 'win'.