Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Signs Signs Everywhere The Signs UPDATE

Just a normal evening in Chicago where criminals can't read:
Five people were shot Monday evening in the Uptown neighborhood along a Safe Passage route outside a church that was holding a prayer service at the time, officials said.
Four shootings in the city since then have also left at least six people injured.
How dare they!?  Don't they know those are all 'Gun Free Zones'? The nerve of them.

Oh look. Gangbangers. Color me shocked:
Police sources said three of the victims are gang members. Two were innocent bystanders. Police sources said three different gangs in the area have been fighting for territory.
Allen said he heard the shooting was the result of one gang placing a hit on a rival gang member.
So how many laws were broken?  Passing another one will have stopped it? 

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