Sunday, August 25, 2013

Us v Them part Something +1

Running tables at a flea market this weekend continued the trend of the '90%' falsity.  I saw at least half a dozen people walking around w/ an NRA shirt they had gotten at a youth hunting/shooting exhibition.  All were members (including the kids) and proud to show it.

One guy walked by my booth, read Seans' 'Gunwalker' tshirts (I have one M and one 2XL left), and started ranting about the NRA. Asked me if I was a member to which I replied 'Yes'.  He started ranting again about how he much he hated it, obviously looking for an argument.  I looked at him and simply replied 'You have that right' and went on to another customer. 

Other than him, lots of expressed displeasure at the current administration and support for firearm rights. 

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Ron said...

Typically if I am going out into the general public I refrain from wearing any “garb” that may mark me as a gun person. I am NOT ashamed of owning guns or my beliefs; I just refrain from telling the world “hey I have a gun hanging on my side”. Recently something urged me to wear my brandy new Stand & Fight NRA T shirt as my wife & I were getting ready to make a grocery run. She gave me “the eye” before we left,,, but I thought what the hey I am doing it. I was shocked to see how many total strangers approached me with wide smiles and shook my hand. There are lots of “us” out there.

Roberta X said...

Is that M gunwalker shirt still available, or didja sell it already? :)