Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hollow Victory

This email from the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence's Colleen Daley:
As a result of your hard work, Governor Pat Quinn signed monumental gun safety legislation into law!   The new law, which we fought tirelessly for this past legislation session, requires background checks on the sale of ALL gun sales in Illinois and requires the reporting of lost and stolen firearms to law enforcement.
Thank you for helping make this new law a reality!
Public Act 98-0508, which was sponsored by Senator Kwame Raoul and State Representative Mike Zalewski, provides two of the strongest tools aimed at keeping guns from entering the illegal market.  This new law will help save lives and keep Illinoisans safe from deadly gun violence!
This is a VICTORY for all of us! 
To read the new law click here.  We encourage you to thank your legislator if they voted YES on this important measure.  To see the votes in the House of Representatives click here, and the Senate click here.
Thank you for all your hard work and vigilance in the fight to reduce lives lost to gun violence.  The fight doesn’t end today - as we have much more to do to keep people safe, but today we celebrate a victory! 
In Peace,
Colleen Daley
Executive Director
Wow!  Sounds like they really accomplished something doesn't it?  What was it?  Statewide ban on
'Assault Weapons'?  Nope.
Repealed Concealed Carry?  Nope
Full registration of firearms/ammo?  Nope. 

They got a law that on one hand has no penalties for not following it and has never been prosecuted on the other.

Good on you Colleen.  Really earning that Joyce Foundation paycheck there.

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Braden Lynch said...

I like how she signed it, "In Peace" like being disarmed is protection from rapists or murderers. Sure, you'll be in peace after they kill you. No thanks!

In addition, I suspect her idea of a real victory is totally disarming all of us. That is only going to happen by force of the government since a lot of people will not comply with unconstitutional laws.

How exactly is she on the side of peace when she will use others to inflict harm on us if we do not disarm to satisfy her phobia?

Josh in Champaign said...

And I wonder how many gun owners will actually hear about these requirements in order to abide by them? Furthermore, I can just see the violent crime numbers dropping like rocks. *eye roll*