Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent?

Taking a short break from the circus that is the Illinois Legislature on CCW, we find this:
Head of CeaseFire Illinois charged with domestic battery 
 Tio Hardiman, the director of the anti-violence group CeaseFire Illinois, was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge Friday morning at his home in west suburban Hillside.
And this is how he feels about guns (CCW specifically):
CeaseFire tries to mediate in neighborhoods where conflicts too often are settled with guns. But its efforts to settle disputes without guns would be undermined by a concealed-carry law, Hardiman said. Such a law simply would promote the idea that guns are the answer.
“Concealed carry — what that does is reinforce the idea that violence is OK,” Hardiman says. “What we are doing is trying to talk these guys down, but this encourages that cowboy mentality.”
So beating your wife isn't 'violence' as long as a gun isn't involved? 

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Sigivald said...

Someone should inform him that the persons in those neighborhoods who are settling their "conflicts" (gang relations, mostly) with guns are exactly the ones who aren't going to be able to get a carry permit because they're felons or underage.

The decent folk who aren't already shooting the place up because they aren't gangsters are the solution, not the problem.

Sailorcurt said...

When he loses it and begins stridently beating someone about the head and shoulders for annoying him, he would much prefer to know that his victim has been disarmed by law.

Heck, if we peons were "allowed" to concealed carry, his right to live free from the fear of his victims being properly equipped to defend themselves might be violated.

Stu said...

To answer the question in your headline, it's because liberty haters are control freaks (thus, gun control). Anger and violence are manifestations of their attempts to enforce their control over others when things don't go exactly how they imagined in their fantasy-land mind.