Monday, May 27, 2013

IL CCW Games Continue

Update:  Senate called to order. The games begin anew.

And nothing happens.  From what I've read on IllinoisCarry, it's a pissing contest between Madigan in the House and Cullerton in the Senate. They've got about 80 hrs to pass something before adjournment. Should be entertaining. 

Update. Witness slips in opposition 1000+-7.  Almost all the proponents are gov't officials.

Update :Exec committee in session.  Video here. IllinoisCarry thread here.

Starting out onSB 2193, they dismiss many of the 'opponents' who are normally progun as 'just used to registering opposition'.  That's what our 'leaders' think of us ignorant, knuckle-dragging rednecks who might have our own opinion.They've been belittling firearm owners the whole time.

"Except for all the differences, there's not much difference on CCW" ?  Yeah. Right.

Todd V. is up. "Have you Mr V... asked any Senators to support or oppose this bill" (badgering)  "Only my Senator."

Chairman tries to lead into blaming legal gun owners for criminals getting guns so obviously we need MORE laws. Dumbass. Phelps" They think the system's a joke, they get caught w/ an illegal gun, what is it? Probation?"

"Wild women drinking w/ guns".  "A bar owner could sell food at really high prices to get that 50%"  I'm not kidding. These are the kinds of stupid comments they're making in opposition.

"Why can't Waukeegan ban guns? "

"If they're breaking municipal ordinances, they're not law abiding gun owners".  How the hell are they supposed to know all the various ordinances in dozens of different towns?  I could have a 20rnd mag., walk across the street and then be a criminal. 

And it just gets stupider. Colleen Daley, ED of the ICHV  brings up the VPC 'CCW killers' BS.

Sen Christine Rodagno, Republican LEADER "NRA Cells' in her district;. 

8 no 6 aye. 2193 stays in Senate Committee.  Now it's going to get interesting.

HB 183 passes 10-4-1 after a quick 'debate' in complete opposition to the will of the people. On to the Senate floor. 

From IL Gunlobby:
Call your senator today and tell them to oppose HB183 amend 4

The senate dems met for a 2 hour caucus that devolved into a a shouting match among senators.

The President is refusing to allow Senator Forby to call the house carry bill. Instead they are going to offer an amendment to their bill that takes most of the parts of the House bill but then strips out the safe harbor provisions, any private property can ban firearms on their property all they want. .

They will remove restaurant carry and increase penalties for carrying while intoxicated to a class A misdemeanor.

They will also whittle down the preemption to only apply to carrying. But unclear if that applies to mags, ammunition and other things or not.

We could see an amendment late tonight with a committee hearing in the AM but unsure as these clowns don't seem to be very organized

More as we get it
The Clusterf&ck continues.

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

They seem bound and determined to not pass anything.

I'll try to control my sorrow.

Anonymous said...

So what happens if nothing gets done and Illinois does NOT turn into the Wild Wild West after June 9?