Monday, May 27, 2013

Dishonest Moms

Remember when convicted embezzler Sheriff Jenne used a fully auto AK in a CNN piece and claimed it was what the '94 AWB covered? And when a Brady endorsed politician edited photos to BB guns into 'scary' guns?

Well the anti-gun group 'Mom's Demand Action' (which still sounds like an adult hookup site) put up this video (comments disabled of course):

Here's their description:
"An AR-15 assault weapon is fired in slow motion with each discharged shell casing representing a major shooting in America."
Now carefully watch the video. With all those rounds flying out, there's no finger movement that I can see and almost no recoil.  A screencap bring up another question:

That selector switch is in the full auto position and the setting markings are conveniently blacked out.

The model appears to say XM15-ES2, there's definitely a Bushmaster logo and they're showing the serial #.  Now here's a pic of a regular one:

Hmmm. Now I'm no universal expert on AR's but methinks there's some movie magic and just a little bit of dishonesty going on.

So assuming all those are true, we have another case of an anti-gun group deliberately misrepresenting firearms to push a political agenda, using emotion, not facts, to make their case.

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Phssthpok said...

@0:07 in the above video (just before teh screen cap you posted) one can quite plainly see the text: "RESTRICTED" and "LAW ENFORCEMENT" and "GOVERNMENT USE ONLY"

So.. Is MDA claiming that in fact 'govermnment' is to blame for all those shootings?

(which arguably could be an accurate claim if one counts disarmed victim zones as 'government action'.)

Jacob Jared Kenworthy said...

wow. I should have noticed the selector switch.