Thursday, August 16, 2012

Righteous Bigotry

Got a response on Twitter to my *crickets* post attacking me for not giving the Anti's much time to respond and going after 'liberal media' of which I said nothing about. Took him most of a day to get off that tangent and then he tried to limit the conversation down to 'left wing shooters'.  Well since I didn't limit down to that topic either being that the CSGV runs their 'Insurrectionist Timeline' (aka 'Conservatives we don't'), he again changed the topic while blaming me for being 'confused':
So I asked who was doing this 'encouraging'? What 'culture'?  etc. Here was the response:

And that's the reality. He's a bigot.  He stereotypes a particular group and then blames that group for cultural/social problems. Sound familiar?  Well that connection REALLY got him upset so he played the race card:

Nah, not gonna fall for that one.  Apparently he believes bigotry can only be against skin tone. So he decided to declare victory and walk away in a slurry of self-righteousness.

He certainly fits the pattern of a 'Gun Bigot'.
"Respondents suggested that maintaining a cognitive separation between how they viewed themselves and what the NRA stood for was important to their self-image."

Update: He's got a like mind in his buddy 'Cliff Schecter' (who has blocked me) w/ more righteous indignation.  
Despised by the despicable. I've done my job.

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Sendarius said...

Going by that photo - if I saw that guy somewhere, I'd cross the street.

Linoge said...

Bigotry has jack-all to do with skin tone. A person can be a bigot about skin tones, but everyone can be a victim of bigotry, because it does not care about ethnicity / age / etc.

Only a true idiot would think its application is limited to allegations of "racism".

But, hey, at least he gave you some traffic ;).

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha. Ask him why the Syrians aren't defending themselves from the "government" forces? The reason we have the Second amendment is protect ourselves from an over-reaching or tyrranical Government. Shooting people who break into my house is just gravy.