Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times FishWrap

'Authorized Journalist' Carol Marin, while researching info for an anti-gun hit piece, loses control of a fully auto TEC-9 machine pistol 20+ years ago.

Her response?

Ban semi-autos.

Why? Because it is her opinion that an owner of a semi-auto firearm is just as incompetent/ignorant as she is. Nevermind the blatant dishonesty of using the same name for machine guns and semi's, the factual errors or the multiple emotional strings she tries to pull.

Todd Vandermyde, IL NRA Lobbyist said it best in his response:
If your opinion is that semi-automatic firearms should be banned – you’re entitled to it. What you are not entitled to is the yellow journalism of trying to paint a bad range experience with an illegal firearm as the deadly weapons being talked about in the legislation. If you want to know why most gun owners and NRA members don’t trust the media, it’s because of columns like yours. Columns that play of the anti-gun extremists agenda that was set out years ago by Josh Sugarman of the Violence Policy Center (VPC).
It's this kind of hack writing and outright dishonesty that keeps any sort of support for gun control outside of the foaming at the mouth fanatics.  'Journalists' (and I use the word loosely) like Marin through ignorance and/or deliberate deception mis-inform the public on this and countless other issues and people wonder why there is such head-desking levels of ignorance out there.

Her and her ilk need to find new careers.

h/t to IllinoisCarry.

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Old Jarhead said...

It's worse than you think. The site has pulled Todd Vandermyde's comment. Looks like at least 3 were pulled. I am sure this will SHOCK all of us here (snert)!

TS said...

I once took a 1989 Chevy Caprice and dropped an 800hp nitrous injected crate motor in it. I tried to drive it while my high school newspaper filed me, but it took control. With one stomp on the gas I jolted the steering wheel hard to the right. The whole thing took just seconds.


We all were.

Robert Fowler said...

" Though each bullet fired requires a separate squeeze of the trigger (unlike fully automatic weapons), after the first round is fired, the trigger loosens for subsequent rounds"

The trigger doesn't "loosen". Where do these "facts" come from?