Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Listen To The Experts

From the head of the UK 'NRA' while sitting in a private club, effectively the only place you can own anything other than a shotgun:
 “They are fanatical,” says Mabbott. “Their main aim is to lobby for the protection of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I once had to sit through a diatribe from their CEO and it made me physically ill.”
 The British NRA, which is not linked to the American organisation, adopts a much less inflammatory approach. People here use guns for three main things: hunting, pest control on farms and target or clay pigeon shooting, and Mabbott says his job is simply to ensure they can use their weapons safely, without hassle and within the law.
 And how'ld that work out for you sport? You had the majority of the personally owned firearms in the nation confiscated. 
But, on the other hand, the strict regulations have done nothing to stop the trade in illegal guns. The weapon Reeve used was, after all, a handgun, which no one has been allowed to own in this country since 1997 – not even the British Olympic pistol shooting team, which has to train in Switzerland.
And, a cruel irony this, gun crime has doubled since then...
 No mention that UK crime has always been historically low and they're on a frickin' ISLAND nation.

So yeah, let's listen to the 'experts' in the UK and follow their advice. It's been a wonderful experience for them. 

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Sebastian said...

I saw that a couple of days ago, and had much the same reaction. But the reality is the approach NRA uses here would not work in the UK, which is why Mabbott feels the need to distance himself from it as President of the British NRA. I think he's trying to get a step back from the total handgun prohibition, and doesn't want to do it in a way that would make their sheepish population think this is the camel's nose under the tent to turning Britain into the wild wild west that the US is in their minds.

Thirdpower said...

IMO if they hadn't been so 'British' about it from the beginning, they wouldn't be in the situation they are now.

Sailorcurt said...

And, a cruel irony this, gun crime has doubled since then...

That's not irony...that's cause and effect.

Braden Lynch said...

They just need to outlaw knives also and then peace and tranquility will envelop the island nation. *Snort*

I saw a disturbing picture of a man forced to undress by the mob during the London riots. Now try that here and you'll get a bullet in the face.

The UK needs to regrow a pair after their gun confiscation castration.

Wraith said...

"People here use guns for three main things: hunting, pest control on farms and target or clay pigeon shooting..."

Little hint: if you use them for self-defense, your crime rate will go down.

Oh, sorry--you're not allowed to do that, are you? I must be thinking back to the days when it was possible to find a testicle in England.

Anonymous said...

This from a Country that had to Beg for the U.S. to send them protective items in case Germany decided to follow through on their invasion:


"On July 16th of that year, Hitler sent a top-secret directive to his military leaders: "Since England, despite her hopeless military situation, still shows no sign of willingness to come to terms, I have decided to prepare, and if necessary to carry out, a landing operation against her."

"And the best part of the plan was this: the British people were, for the most part, defenseless. Decades of a culture that taught that guns were bad and should be eschewed had taken their toll....The only tools available for the average British subject to defend his country were broomsticks, spades, and pitchforks."

Of course after the "Great War" the donated arms were either dumped into the North Sea, left with the French Resistance or unceremoniously returned to the docks on the East Coast.


Mr. Mabbott - stay on your side of the Pond please.

Anonymous said...

They are no different from the Kapos.