Monday, August 6, 2012

BloodDancing 102

In light of the Sikh Temple shooting, one needs to see what goes on in the minds and offices of gun control groups when events like this occur. 

Back in Feb. Sebastian TBFKASIH made this statement about the 'memorial' site set up for the Chardon school shooting:
  the information they are asking for is valuable, and is meant to build up a list. While I can’t make any connection between this registrant and gun control groups, I would not be a bit surprised to find out these names will be going straight to a gun control organization.
 As I posted here about the collected email addresses being sent to MAIG, Seb. nailed it. Reading through the emails, the entire discussion (pdf warning) was how to take advantage of it politically. From which legislation they could effectively connect to the tragedy to which one of them would handle interviews to trying to get inside information to take advantage of:
 it may still make sense to talk about guns on college campus in the wake of this shooting. You could still make the case that it’s a bad idea at colleges and universities .
 Is someone talking to Elizabeth Flock at the Washington Post? Her article inaccurately states that Ohio law requires a background check for gun sales. Let us know
if we need to run interference – Mark Glaze could handle.
  my nephew is a Chardon police officer. He's been keeping me in the loop. It appears a second victim may have died this afternoon. Awaiting confirmation from my nephew.

 I’m not necessarily opposed to trying to connect the two for messaging purposes – just want to make sure we have our facts straight. Inthe meantime, I totally agree that today is a good time for condolence page.
 im making a website right now for condolences and then we're going to add a guns on campus component later this week.
 Not only were individuals in the email thread tax payer funded gov't employees of Columbus and NYC, it wasn't limited to just these 4 or 5 people. Within hours that Ladd Everitt of the CSGV was calling gun owners 'despicable' for trying to 'score points', he was receiving emails from this thread promoting the website and encouraging activism. 
Here is the site where we will collect words of sympathy for the students, families & community of Chardon High School. It is live now. By tomorrow we will start a
blog that features the best comments and has a little bit of news on the shootings.
Please push this out to your networks however possible. We would like to see it go viral.
This is how much they care about 'gun violence'. So much that they revel in being able to obtain new email address to beg for money from and new names they can weep crocodile tears over.

For anyone who continues to delude themselves that 'gun control' has anything to do w/ increasing safety or keeping guns out of the hands of criminals or the insane, shove this in their faces. Watch them dance around and try and make excuses.

THIS is 'gun control activism' in action and what is going on right now in their various, mostly Joyce Foundation funded, offices. 

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Robert Fowler said...

The shooting happened around 10AM and Crazy Joan was already blogging about it at 3PM. They aren't wasting their time. It's worse than despicable.