Friday, August 10, 2012

And Meanwhile, In California

W/ the recent shooting causing PuSH'ers to try again for 'Assault Weapon' bans across the nation, California, like Illinois, is one of the states that has been fighting against one the whole time.

The recent push in CA is SB249, another collection of nonsense, feel good 'model' legislation that would have no effect on criminals in the least while at the same time playing the race card to try and keep opponents of the bill on the defensive.

CalGuns has a page up on this bill.

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TS said...

Keep in mind, there are about a million CA legal bullet button installations in the state, and not one of them has EVER been used to kill someone (even accidents and suicides). It has never been about our “high rate of gun deaths”, as they will continue to push for gun bans when literally zero people have been killed. The supports of this say they are out to stop “potential” crimes. They actually use that word.

Chase said...

I'm glad there are some bloggers who haven't forgotten about us.