Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craigslist Scammer

I put up a item on Craigslist and got this response from 'Bob Moore at '' :
 I'd like to know if your item is still up for sale and its present
 Yay.  So I responded in the positive and w/ more information. Then I got this:
Thanks for the response.I am okay with the condition and price of the item and am willing to add extra $20 so you could keep it in my favor. I'll be paying with a check via next day delivery.

I'll be responsible for the pick-up and the movers/pick up money will be included in your payment to avoid delay and to enable movers schedule an appropriate time for the pick-up at your location after check has been cashed as I have other properties to be moved alongside with yours.

I would really love to come for the viewing but due to my work frame that might not be possible. Kindly get back to me with your full 
name and address with your cell number so I could send payment to you.
 Movers?  Pickup money?  Huh?  Time for Google.  I typed in ' scam' and got this site. The owner also met the individual under a different name but same email and cutnpaste responses. They had much fun w/ him after he asked for an 'upfront payment' through WU.

Nigeria Bob's been busy.

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1 comment:

Shawn said...

I get responses like that as well only they say they will pay through paypal and they want the item shipped. Usually saying they are out of country and/or for a veteran serving a tour of duty.

I usually respond with one of those middle finger text things. After all I'm sure the nigerian gets that.