Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Upcoming Race War

Being promoted by the media and others who benefit from it like Jackson and Sharpton.

We've all seen the race baiting the in Martin/Zimmerman debacle. The media is just doing what it can to exacerbate it.

The National Review recommends that people don't go where blacks congregate.

Shootings of blacks in OK are being blamed on a 'white guy in a white pickup'. The media will be all over this one.

My bet is we'll have riots, revenge killings and burning cities w/in the next 6 months. I hope I lose that bet but I'm not counting on it.

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PT said...

Combine all this tension with an Obama loss?

Uh-oh. Maybe all that DHS money and equipment going to local cop shops will finally be used.

Anonymous said...

"My bet is we'll have riots, revenge killings and burning cities w/in the next 6 months."

Uh-oh. If that happens, you gun nuts will probably claim that gun sales are up in response. Well, you won't get away with it! Even if you dupe the media into showing lines out the door and down the street in front of gun shops, I have no doubt that gun violence prevention stalwarts like Josh Horwitz and Dennis Henigan will be up to explaining how that does NOT mean any increase in gun sales.

Anonymous said...

My firearm and ammunition purchases have been pushed by a fear of overt government opression rather than a race war. However, preparation for one seems to be preparation for the other.

MAJ Mike

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this but it has happened already. There have been at least a couple of reports of "several black youth" attacking white and Hispanic victims saying in some cases, "This is for Trayvon".

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to note that "Don't go where blacks congregate." was not said in any National Review article or post anywhere. It was written on the Takimag webzine by
John Derbyshire, who is an author that also has written or the National Review. He has been fired from NR as a result -- the statement of NR editor:
"His latest provocation, in a webzine, lurches from the politically incorrect to the nasty and indefensible. We never would have published it, but the main reason that people noticed it is that it is by a National Review writer. Derb is effectively using our name to get more oxygen for views with which we’d never associate ourselves otherwise. So there has to be a parting of the ways. Derb has long danced around the line on these issues, but this column is so outlandish it constitutes a kind of letter of resignation."