Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pantsloads of PSH

The levels of hate, misinformation and deliberate ignorance in the media is amazing. Take a look at these two articles.
the Second Amendment, the cornerstone of the NRA’s BS, is not relevant today. It was ratified in relation to state militias in 1791 and has no meaning in today’s world.
Someone hasn't been keeping up w/ the times and is still living in the 'collective rights' myth.
The “right to keep and bear arms” does not mean you can own a heat-seeking missile or a nuclear bomb, does it?
Oh lord. I think the 'Nuclear bomb' bit is going to be added to DOOT's law. It's like arguing w/ children. Then you get the 'progressive' stereotypes:
Guess what? The redcoats are not coming. But the rednecks are.
It just gets worse from there, including lots of NRA hate and invoking Zimmerman. And the other:
This is what we’ve become: a country where military-style weapons are available to the angry and the deranged. But now there are scarcely any calls for controlling weapons; the rabid gun crowd has the entire country in lockdown mode.
Yet crime is at the same level (low) it was in the 1960's which the author waxes poetic about. Then comes the emotional diatribes about Giffords, Glocks, and...of course.... Zimmerman/Martin. Another 'authorized journalist' w/o a clue as to what she's talking about.

And they wonder why the 'mainstream media' isn't trusted and is dying.

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