Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illinois Court Cases

From the SAF:
BELLEVUE, WA - The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against the Warren County, Illinois Housing Authority, seeking an injunction against the WCHA's ban on personally-owned firearms by residents of government-subsidized housing.
Restrictions like this are intentionally designed to affect the poor and minorities. If this one falls, the the CHA's is next.

And C(r)ook county's 'Assault Weapon Ban' case, Wilson v. Cook County, is expected to be decided by the IL Supreme Court Thursday (4/5):
SPRINGFIELD — The state’s top court is poised to rule on Cook County’s assault weapons ban Thursday in a case that will determine the fate of one of Illinois’ signature gun-control laws.
And the Brady Bunch isn't hesitating to spread the PSH:
“You don’t have a constitutional right to pack an AK-47,” said Jonathan Lowy, director of the Legal Action Project at the Washington, D.C.-based Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “It would be a vast, unwarranted, unjustified expansion of the Second Amendment right that’s recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court” if the ban is struck down.
If this is the quality of their legal director, no wonder no-one takes them seriously anymore.

And this is why you should join/donate to the ISRA and SAF.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Looks as if the Illinois Supreme Court punted:

"The state’s top court declined to rule Thursday on Cook County’s assault weapons ban, in a case that had been expected to determine the fate of one of Illinois’ signature gun-control laws.

In a written opinion issued Thursday morning, the Illinois Supreme Court said that it “cannot be said conclusively whether ‘assault weapons’ as defined by the ordinance fall within or outside the scope of the rights protected by the Second Amendment.”

Justices sent the issue back to a lower court to consider."

Not sure what that means about where it goes from here.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Ah--now I'm starting to get it (I think). Today's ruling was on whether or not to throw out the challenge to the ban, and the Supremes have ruled against doing so:

Gun rights advocates scored a victory Thursday when the Illinois Supreme Court allowed a challenge to a Cook County assault weapons ban to proceed.

The court ruled that lower courts were wrong to throw out the challenge. The Supreme Court said it wants the trial court to hear evidence on whether assault weapons get the same Second Amendment protections as handguns.

Sigivald said...

No right to an AK-47?

Hmm. Someone should tell him about Miller.