Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicago Crime Skyrocketing. Rep. Bobby Rush Nowhere to be Found

Oh the finger pointing is going hot and heavy in Chicago. Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy last week was not only blaming Illinois firearm owners for Chicago's dismal failure at crime control but also the various commanders, 're-assigning' nearly a half-dozen.

Why this near panic to blame others?

Because murders are up over 35% so far this year as the gang bangers have a field day. What they classify as 'shooting incidents' are up 40%. I'm betting not a single one is by a FOID card holder or Chicago handgun license holder.

So why do they continue to try and punish the people NOT committing the crimes for the actions of criminals? Because they have to blame someone.

And where are Rep. Bobby Rush and the 'Reverends' Jackson and Sharpton? Why still trying to incite race violence in Florida.

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1 comment:

Robert Fowler said...

Because one black "child" shot by a "white guy is a lot more important than all of the black "children shot by other black "children in Chitcago.

To Sharpton, Jackeson, et al. gang bangers don't count.