Monday, March 5, 2012

Inconvenient Facts

Dennis Henigan does it again. While dancing in the blood of dead children, he slips and falls on his face. Let's take a look at his claims:
Take the gun from Seung-Hui Cho and 32 Virginia Tech students would not have died almost five years ago. Nor would 15 more have been injured. Take the guns from Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and 13 students and teachers would not have died at Columbine High School, nor would 21 others have been injured. Give these violent individuals baseball bats or knives instead of guns and everything changes. The problem is not just the people. The problem is also the guns.
Tens of millions of people own firearms every day w/o going on rampages. What the shooters have in common is not 'guns', it's diseased minds.

Cho purchased his firearms 'legally', passing multiple background checks and following all waiting periods. He managed to do this because he was never entered into the system as a prohibited person by the courts even after a hearing and a long history of violence and mental illness.

Klebold and Harris got their guns illegally through a straw purchaser (who was not convicted in exchange for congressional testimony) and a scumbag who knew they were underage.

The Chardon shooter had a long history of juvenile delinquency and stole his from a relative (who is being blamed because he didn't inventory his firearms every day).

Dennis seems to be going along the same line as the CSGV and NGVAC thinking that all firearm owners are just mass murderers in waiting.
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Bill Baldwin said...

Apparently he's advocating the use of baseball bats and knives in violent acts, too.

TS said...

Of course you "take away" the gun from the Chardon shooter by taking it way from his grandfather first.