Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr Campaign Ad Fail

In the latest political ad, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (IL-2)invokes the name of his god and his devil while using a convenient victim:

The claim is that "Halvorson voted against 'gun control', the very laws that might have kept my son alive". No mention of specifically what those laws were, just the 'wrong way'. Here's the facts. Her son was killed in 2006, before the Heller and McDonald cases, in an area known for gang and drug violence. The Chicago handgun ban was still in effect, 'gun show loophole' closed, etc.

Then comes this: "President Obama and Congressman Jackson fought them every step of the way.

Well we do know that Jesse Jr. votes anti-firearm rights but what exactly does 'President Obama' have to do w/ this? Not much except to invoke his name to score some political points.

And the clincher: Please help get rid of these handguns.

So is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. endorsing an unconstitutional handgun ban? Sure sounds like it since he 'approved this message'.

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Anonymous said...

Ok so its Vote for Halverson. Check, got it Thanks!

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Somehow, I don't imagine Obama really appreciates being dragged into this.

Robert Fowler said...

It's low to drag out and beat the public with a victims corpse (Joan the nut). JJ Jr. is about the same caliber scum-bucket as his old man. Two peas in a pod as it were. And yet the hood rats will elect the asshole just because he's the same color. Pathetic.

Thomas said...

It is ok...

I intend to jump ship in the primaries to get deb on the ticket, then "R" in the general.... she did vote for obamacare....