Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Move Along, There's No 'Common Sense' Here

In an article from the Seattle Times hyped by WA Ceasefire (who just dumped $50K on bus ads) and Brady Board member Joan Peterson, they are pushing for a mandatory trigger lock law due to a recent school shooting:
In the Bremerton case, police believe a 9-year-old classmate got the handgun during a visit with his mother,
So one would assume a trigger lock law would have stopped this, right? Think again:
a felon whose right to own a firearm has been revoked. The gun was in his backpack when it accidentally discharged.
Oh look at that. Their primary example is someone who's ALREADY a criminal for even having a gun in the first place. Obviously if we add some other stupid, bureaucratic requirement that would have made this multiple felon think twice.

Yes. They really are this ignorant.

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1 comment:

Alan said...

Trigger locks are also trivially easy to defeat. Any nerdy pre-teen with an Internet connection can learn how to pick them in seconds.