Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why Western Society Will Fail

Another tidbit from the the nation formerly known as Great Britain:
the force had a diversity adviser
That explains so much.

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John Richardson said...

I know I'll be accused of being a religious bigot but how can you respect a religion that gets so bent out of shape about a puppy. Moreover, the fact that they consider man's best friend "unclean" is beyond the pale for me.

If it was a cat, I could understand but a dog - never!

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Actually, I'm trying to embrace diversity, myself. I have made a real effort to be more respectful of the 9mm Parabellum cartridge.

It truly does take all kinds.

Except the .25 ACP, of course.

Robert Fowler said...

Here's a idea for Councillor Asif. Go back to your middle eastern shit hole and kill each other with rocks and sticks like you've done for thousands of years.

And that pisswit police "spokesperson" Apologizing to some third world asshole? Please. It's no wonder is known as "formerly Great Britain".

greenmeanie said...

I read the Dialy Mail online quite a bit. I noticed something about this story that I've never seen there before. At the bottom of every article is a comments area. At the bottom of this one there are NO comments and this very unusual one liner: "We are no longer accepting comments on this article."