Tuesday, December 13, 2011

European Gun Control

Mass shooting/explosive attack in Belgium.
At least 2 persons are reported killed and a dozen others injured as a result of two attacks in south eastern Belgian city of Liege Tuesday.

The two attacks are reported by local media to have been carried out around noon at the central Saint-Lambert square.

Between 2 and 4 attackers have thrown hand grenades in the building of the local court and at a bus stop, with people also shooting from the rooftop of a bakery in the area.
But these things never happen where 'reasonable, common-sense' gun control is enacted., right?

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BobG said...

Maybe they bought them from the ATF?

Braden Lynch said...

I do not know the details, but I bet it ended when someone showed up with a gun and killed the SOBs. It's kind of like how our armed citizens might be able to do so, in a pinch. But, oh no, CCW holders are pure evil! We must block HR822 for the children!