Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crappy Show Acts Crappy

Crew-things for the Hawaii 5-0 remake act like typical hollywood pricks at a WWII cemetery during Pearl Harbor ceremony.

H/t to Irons in the Fire.

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Robert Fowler said...

Everyone needs to start contacting the sponsors of the show. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you and everyone you know will not purchase anything they offer until the crew and actors apologize to our veterans. These are the people that secured their right to do the things they do. The very least they could have done is show some respect.

Remember the Zumbo thing a couple years ago. We can do the same thing here.

Divemedic said...

Maybe I am a jerk, but I would have made noise, and refused to leave. If it is 'free speech' for that stupid church to protest at a military funeral, it is also my free speech to protest in that same cemetery while they film a crappy TV show.