Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lying By Omission

NYC Mayor Bloomberg hired more private investigators to selectively choose some online firearm advertisers into making illegal sales in order to push for more laws.
One online gun dealer was linked to the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre that killed 32 people and the mass mass shooting at Northern Illinois University in 2008 that left five dead. Guns purchased illegally online also have been linked to police shootings, gun trafficking and sales to minors.
Yet in both of those instances, said dealer shipped the guns to a local FFL where all background checks were conducted and waiting periods followed. Why doesn't the author mention that? Oh, right, it doesn't fit the narrative.

They talk about Craigslist selling guns but that's against their policy and has been for years.

Just another attempt at a distraction away from the Gov't selling guns to the cartels. Another hit piece by MAIG so they can try and restrict guns from those that actually bother w/ the laws. Just like when he sent PI's into Virginia to entrap FFL dealers. Just like when he hired PI's to go to gun shows and find private sellers that they thought they could get to make unethical sales. Just like when he hired a PR firm to create push-polls claiming NRA members supported restrictive gun control. This is the same thing. Now we're going to hear that '62%' number regurgitated as fact for the next few months.

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George said...

I love the comments at HuffPo:
"The important thing is; gun companies are making a huge profit. "

Really? From used gun sales? How does that work?


DirtCrashr said...

You go where I won't HuffPo - but why do they think gun companies make "huge profits" in such a tightly regulated market? And why is that so important to them?

RauĆ°bjorn said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a private citizen (ie a PI) attempting to incite another to commit a crime called "solicitation of a felony"?

Andy said...

If you look at the video posted over at HuffPo, its about sellers conducting transfers across state lines and/or knowingly selling to people who volunteer the information that they couldn't pass a background check. The video doesn't state it, but supposedly they got quite a few of these people to meet face to face to sell the guns... which makes one wonder if they arrested these jokers.

Anyway, the video does show some private sellers willing to break the law. But then again, its already against the law.

Thirdpower said...

Oh I have no doubt there were some illegal/unethical sales going on. And the PI's specifically looked for the individuals who would likely do it so they could get high percentages for their 'report'.

And even in their report, they deliberately glossed over the fact that the VT/NIU shooters both went through FFL's and waiting periods because that didn't fit the narrative.