Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the Gun's Fault

Reader Jayfman sent me the following link:
CITY HALL — Mayor Michael Bloomberg renewed his call for tougher gun laws Monday after a 22-year NYPD veteran and father of four was killed in the line of duty in Brooklyn responding to a robbery.
He blames the gun.
“This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment,” said the mayor.

“You all know what guns are used for,” he said of semiautomatic weapons, like the one that killed Figoski

“You don’t need armor piercing bullets for hunting. Last time I saw a deer wearing a bullet proof vest was a long time ago,” he said.

“These guns are used to kill people,” he said.
No mention by him of the criminal, that wouldn't fit the narrative. Let's take a look at the goblin:
Pride had five prior unsealed arrests, including several drug-related charges, and Linkwas wanted on a warrant for aggravated assault in North Carolina, Kelly said.
It was the secret mind control chips implanted in all guns that made this choirboy go out and murder an officer. This is the head of the criminal organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) publicly claiming that semi-auto handguns are only used to kill people. This is the premier gun control group in the US right now.

Now what was the CSGV and other Joyce Puppets tweeting the other day?
The Moderate Voice: "Virginia Tech Shootings: Gun Nuts Yet Again Politicize a Tragedy" ...
13 Dec
But it's OK when they start calling for gun bans/restrictions w/i minutes of one.

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Chas said...

Of course he spoke exclusively of the gun with no mention of the criminal. New York City is owned by criminals and Michael Bloomberg is their mayor. He certainly can't be accused of not representing his constituency!
The mayor's obsession with guns is his way of appearing to address the issue of the excessive criminality in New York City, while avoiding the placing of any responsibility on his criminal constituents.
We need a US president who can tell Mayor Bloomberg to clean up his city instead of calling on the rest of America to give up their gun rights. The criminal culture of Bloomberg's constituents is what needs to be effectively addressed and that has never been accomplished by politicians perpetrating the urban, legal ruse that is the "gun control" fraud.
Bloomberg should be held accountable for his outlandishly high tolerance of the criminal culture that exists in his city, and that demand for accountability will not come from his criminal constituents.
Instead of running Fast and Furious, Holder could have been cleaning up the criminality in America's cities, but a "good" Marxist, bent on bringing down capitalist America, would never do that, would he? He didn't.

classic restoration said...

True. That may come private and only for you mate.