Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paid Shills Whine About Shilling

Apparently the CSGV and Media Matters are jealous of anyone horning in on the category of 'paid shills':
Here's the money quote:
For most publications, this kind of ethical cesspool would lead to apologies, internal debates about standards, and some soul-searching. At the Caller, it's just another Wednesday.
Media Matters isn't included in 'most publications' then since they've received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Joyce Foundation to produce anti-gun propaganda and then have other shill sites copy/link it in a 'fellowship'. Just like their fellow 'ethical cesspool' at the other Joyce shill CSGV/EFSGV. The Joyce's have pumped nearly a million dollars into creating this network over the last year. They had to since none of these 'grassroots' groups of zero members had the capability or money to do it w/o the help of sugar-daddies.

Most entertaining to watch these people flop around like fish out of water in their faux outrage.

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Robert Fowler said...

It's really fun to read the comments. some of them are so over the top it's almost not funny.

I have never seen so much hatred of a organization in one place. They sound like a bunch of children on a playground.

dustydog said...

Is the Joyce Foundation funded by the US Government, like ACORN and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting?