Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tin Pot Dictators at #OWS

They're creating their own little fiefdoms and guarding them jealously.
The Finance Committee dives on whatever dollars are raised by all the OWS working groups, said Smith, and doesn’t give it back.
They've created a ridiculous bureaucracy:
“The other day, I took in $2,000. I kept $650 for my group, and gave the rest to Finance. Then I went to them with a request -- so many people need things, and they should not be going without basic comfort items -- and I was told to fill out paperwork. Paperwork! Are they the government now?” Smith fumed,..

..“We (the finance committee) don’t have the power for that. They have to go to the General Assembly. If it’s approved, we pay out that amount and make sure everything is accounted for,” he said.
I wonder how their 'report' will mesh w/ the reality of the finances? And who's going to keep all the money when the OWS fizzles out?

Who would have thought that large amounts of money and a mixed collection of protestors, anarchists, socialists, etc. would be problematic?


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Robert Fowler said...

Imagine that. They are becoming the very thing they are against. How long before they implode?

Sigivald said...

Rail against paperwork?

But I thought they wanted accountability and transparency and responsibility from government (and their little committees which are inevitably and necessarily a form of same)?

Someone should use very small words to explain to his man that you can't get those things without a documentation trail.

There's a reason such practices are universal.