Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dennis Henigan's Intern Dances w/ Qualifiers

After dancing in the blood of the victims (mostly murdered in 'gun free zones'), Dennis' intern goes on to make some more claims loaded w/ qualifiers to make them sound good:

Our rate of gun violence is nearly 20 times higher than in all other high-income nations combined.
Really? What defines 'high income'? What nations were included? What happens when you compare 'violence' total?

Oh right.

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Dylan! said...

A statistic fabricated out of thin air.

According to World Bank "Economies are divided according to 2010 GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method. The groups are:... high income, $12,276 or more." has a few charts made up comparing unintentional, homicide, and suicide rates in "high income countries" and it disproves the brady statistic in very convincing fashion.

Sigivald said...

Well, to be fairer than they deserve to them, one can speak of "high-income countries" without using the World Bank definition.

Of course, when one speaks only in sound-bites, without a reference to the actual numbers, one is typically talking smack to begin with - and I see no reason to believe he's meaningfully right in any case.

But it's still unfair to assume that he must be using that definition for a vague qualifier.

Linoge said...

What the hell? Is "high income" the new, PC way of not resorting to using "mean" terms like "first world" and whatnot? When you have to artificially limit your statistics using contrived definitions, you are doing something wrong.