Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Racism and Gun Control

Sebastian puts up a video of CSGV's Ladd Everitt misrepresenting Adam Winkler's stance on racism and gun control. I'll agree that gun control advocates aren't 'necessarily' racist but the history of gun control is inherently racist, deliberately written to disarm Blacks, Indians, Eastern/Southern Europeans, etc. To deny this is to deny history.

Many modern gun control schemes may not be De jure racist or discriminatory but they have the effect of being De facto. For example:

The Chicago Public Housing Authority bans firearms entirely in their residences. Residences that are primarily held by minorities.

'May Issue' laws in the various states rarely issue permits to those not wealthy and/or politically connected leading to discrimination against the poor and minorities.

'Safe Storage' laws require arbitrary and expensive set-ups to keep in compliance w/ the laws, putting ownership out of reach of many poor people who could afford a cheap firearm but not the safes.

Licensing and registration requirements like Chicago's are specifically designed to make it prohibitively expensive to legally own a firearm and the results of compliance show this.

So these are the results of said laws, not any effect on criminals or crime rates. That makes gun control advocates defacto bigots. Some, like Ladd Everitt, are just more open about it.

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Linoge said...

As I like to say, individual "gun control" extremists may not be themselves racist, but they are supporting a program that has been historically implemented to control, limit, and abridge the rights and abilities of minorities, ethnic groups, and races throughout history - in other words, a program that has been (and still is) racist. What does that say about them?