Saturday, October 29, 2011

Compare & Contrast: Political Donations

When the NRA, w/ 85%+ of it's money coming from it's 4 million + members nationwide, donates to a political campaign, it's lobbyists "buying votes" and "paying off politicians".

When Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the individual who overruled city law to keep his office and started a gun control group funded exclusively by himself and the Joyce Foundation as well as several front groups, funds campaigns outside of his own state of New York to push his personal political agenda, it's a "contribution of people who support our values".

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Dannytheman said...

Yup, I think you summed that up pretty well!

It's all in PR 101.

Jaholibop said...

Really well said!

drjim said...

Liberal double-speak.
And the sheeple our "Education" system are turning out can't see through it.