Friday, September 9, 2011

Dan Thomasson is a Liar and Hack

In the lame-stream media's never ending quest to smear and slander firearm owners, the NRA is their primary target. And it really incenses them just how much out of the mainstream they really are and their writing makes that come across:
gun lobby's main argument for arming every able bodied American, man, woman, and child.
No-one's making that argument. Lie.
with everyone loaded for bear, we would stop a lot of these unwarranted attacks on civilization.
No-one's making that argument. Lie.
the gun religion
Now into character attacks, so much for unbiased reporting
those who oppose any reasonable restraint on the dissemination of firearms here and across borders like Mexico unless they can find a way to use the issue to beat up on law enforcement
'reasonable'. We've all heard that phrase before. Like how I would be a felon in NJ for having a single round of .22lr. And nevermind 'Fast & Furious' deliberately arming the cartels. That's the 'law enforcement' they're talking about.
LaPierre's position has been that the automatic and semi-automatic weapons used to slaughter 43,000 Mexicans in drug wars south of the border didn't come from America or through it.
Again, a fabricated claim. AKA Lie. Find fully-auto firearms and grenades at the gun shows. Please. Why won't Mexico release the majority of it's confiscated firearms? Oh, right.
gun worshipers.
More character attacks.
The NRA stands for No Reasonable Action -- foursquare.
Yeah. 'Reasonable'. They sure like that word. When the bans and restrictions they want are anything but.

See Dan, the reason the NRA has all that money to 'grease congressman's palms' is because it actually HAS members who recognize that the kinds of things you say are pure PSH. Unlike say, the majority of gun control groups in the US which are kept alive by rich philanthropists and whose major mouthpieces are ignorant media hacks. Like you.

So take your NRA hate and settle in to the dustbin of history. Where you and your ilk belong.

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1 comment:

Ken said...

We witnessed their "reasonable" action when Clinton set the babies at Mt. Carmel on fire.

Of course, Bill Maher says it's OK to do that, since gun owners have small dicks.