Wednesday, September 7, 2011

History Repeating Itself

Over at Weer'd's, there's a discussion in comments about how often US uniformed personnel are posted to 'Guard Duty' while not being issued any ammunition or, occasionally, firearms at all.

When I was in the Navy and we were crossing through the Straight of Hormuz, the ship was on lockdown and all the sponsons had their .50 cals out w/ the crews manning them. The ammo for said .50 cals, however, was locked away.

Reminds me of the British where units being overrun had to overwhelm the supply officer/sgt’s because they wouldn’t issue out more ammo.

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Dannytheman said...

When I was in the Coast Guard back in the 70's, under the Department of Transportation then, we would carry empty 45's in our holsters. Only one guy got a single magazine, and he wasn't permitted to have a round chambered! We use to joke about playing poker for the magazine...